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Real Estate Marketing Assistant 2

Success Stories from Real People

Take a look below to see how people just like you are achieving success with the Real Estate Marketing Assistant.

Dave Beson

Dave Beson

Managing perceptions about you and your quality of service can largely impact your success in the real estate business. Not managing your PR campaign because you're unfamiliar with computers or software is an understandable excuse. But you won't need excuses...
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John Mayfield

John Mayfield

I look back over my real estate tenure of 27 years and remember how our business has changed. From a Multiple Listing Service® (MLS®) that included no computer, but a three-ring binder updated once a week, to a bound book every two weeks with its own front section entitled "new listings." Later the change to a dial-up computer with lines of text to our web based systems we use today, including access by our cellular telephones. Wow!
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Other Testimonials

"I am a real estate professional with no design experience. Before the Real Estate Marketing Assistant, I was spending a lot of money for other people to design my marketing postcards. Now I can do them by myself quickly and easily – and better yet at a low cost. Or the last sentence could be, Now I can do them by myself for much cheaper and they look every bit as professional."
- Megan Herrick, Realtor, Zip Realty

"I have been in real estate for over 25 years and before I bought the Real Estate Marketing Assistant software, I relied on other people to create my flyers and postcards. Now I can create them on my own, plus many other types of marketing materials. I didn't know it could be so easy. And it looks GREAT!"
- Dean Roberts, Broker, Canyon Real Estate

"Our realtors love the Real Estate Marketing Assistant because it is so easy to create great looking flyers and brochures to market and sell their listings."
- Tom Gryder, FMLS Store Manager, First MLS

“I am amazed at how much this program has to offer and the new technology that has been implemented. I now have my assistant working on professional marketing campaigns both in print, and published to the web, which are attracting a lot of buyer interest. I have also found your excel and power point templates very useful.”
- Alexander R. Pfleger, Direct Capital & Real Estate Investments, Inc.

“I am one of the earlier users of this product, and I wanted the latest variety of this powerful marketing tool. Today I can say the product is so much more user friendly and can be easily customized to anyone's unique branding or company marketing concept... I love that I put my information in only one time and no matter what flyer, newsletter, postcard or presentation, my personal information is inserted with style and form... If you are looking for a competitive edge you cannot be beaten with this great product.”
- Calvin Hearns, Realtor, CRS, SRES Notary

“The Real Estate Marketing Assistant 2 has been an amazing addition to our MLS services package. All we have to do is show our agents how quick and easy it is to make professional, dynamic marketing pieces and they’re hooked. The agents love it, and we look like geniuses for bringing it to them!
The response has been overwhelming - we’ve had to reorder several times already - and we continue to see demand. I highly recommend the Real Estate Marketing Assistant 2 to any MLS or Association.”
- Ronda Wymore, Willamette Valley MLS

"We are really impressed with all of the features of Real Estate Marketing Assistant 2. We feel it is just another way for us to stand out among others in our profession."
- Mike and Marella Vlasich, The M & M Team, Re/Max Integrity