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Success Stories from Real People

John Mayfield, Owner/Author/Speaker, The Real Estate Tech Guy

John D. Mayfield

I look back over my real estate tenure of 27 years and remember how our business has changed. From a Multiple Listing Service® (MLS®) that included no computer, but a three-ring binder updated once a week, to a bound book every two weeks with its own front section entitled "new listings." Later the change to a dial-up computer with lines of text to our web based systems we use today, including access by our cellular telephones. Wow!

What's ironic is that building a flyer or postcard has also changed like the MLS®. Take your photos (which took up to a couple of days to get back from your photo developer). Cut and paste graphics (literally with scissors and glue) and then stand over the copy machine adjusting your settings until everything looked just right. It might not sound as bad as walking two miles through the snow and cold to get to school but believe me it was a chore!

Fast-forward several years and examine one of the first mind-boggling computer tasks I performed years ago, the "mail merge." I worked, studied and read to figure out all the correct merge codes and placement of text so the document would place the correct name and address on each form letter I planned to use in my real estate business. When I finally figured it out I was amazed at how I could do hundreds of personalized letters or postcards so quickly. Next it's desktop publishing, digital photography, and color printers to the forefront to aid in producing professional documents for distribution to clients and customers. Again, Wow! Technology continues to change the way we do business.

With the Real Estate Marketing Assistant Software, tasks once cumbersome and troubling to many real estate professionals are solved! Producing flyers, post cards, presentations, newsletters, stationery and more are just a point and click away. The software allows you to import property data and photos into the program or by manual input. It's one of the most amazing software packages I have used in the real estate business. From its ease of use to the professional templates for all your materials, the Real Estate Marketing Assistant Software is a must for "EVERY" real estate agent!

Yes, technology continues to mold and change the way we do business. Thanks to such programs such as the Real Estate Marketing Assistant Software, it's a fun ride to discover what's next. I hope you'll consider this software as I know it will play a big role in saving you time and making more money. Good luck!

- John D. Mayfield, "The Real Estate Tech Guy"

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