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Success Stories from Real People

Don't fear your competition — fear their promotion!

Article by Dave Beson, President, Life Success Systems

Dave Beson

Managing perceptions about you and your quality of service can largely impact your success in the real estate business. Not managing your PR campaign because you're unfamiliar with computers or software is an understandable excuse. But you won't need excuses any more because help has arrived! Your greatness no longer has to be kept a secret!

I've had the good fortune to be involved with the creation of the Real Estate Marketing Assistant (REMA), the newest real estate marketing software. This product will help many agents market their professional services. I've previewed the software, demonstrated it in trade shows, and tried to break it, as a part of my interest in creating a better product for you. I'm pleased to recommend it and explain to you how to profit with improved marketing and promotional materials.

REMA — your ally to organized real estate.
Real estate agents of all production levels will profit by using the tools included in this new software, especially for residential real estate. It really is like having a new ally in the PR wars. With the Real Estate Marketing Assistant, you can gear up for your next promotional campaign or your next listing and do more, easily, than ever before. You'll be creating an integrated style set that includes your photo, logo, contact information, and your message. Best of all, REMA has done all the design work for hundreds of promotional items, so you don't have to start from scratch.

Start fresh, with a new look.
Forget everything you know about templates or user-friendly publishing programs. This new product includes a simple approach to inserting your personal information, one time. Its called "the profile". You type your contact information, browse to locate your logo and your photo, and do the same to bring your signature or a facsimile of it into the program. You simply set this information once, and forget it! Every time you open the program it will greet you, and offer you a chance to use your profile. And your designs will be made in your preferred color and layout style, automatically, as you have selected a style set.

Make a flyer in a flash.
You'll find it easy to choose from the wide array of layouts, selecting a particular document such as a flyer layout. Once you select the document, it appears on screen with your personal profile information, photo and logo perfectly in place. Now just import the photos and add your personal message or text with a few keystrokes, and you're ready to print or email. In the flyer department you can choose from one page or two page flyers. And, you may choose portrait (vertical) format, or landscape (horizontal) format.

Pictures are as easy as point and click.
Importing a photo is easier in this program than any other program due to technology known as "frames." You simply note the boxes with "double click here to insert photo" and do it. You're next given a selection of sources from which to obtain your photo. Is it your hard drive? Is it your digital camera (connected to the computer) or is it from a website? Select one. If it's the hard drive, as it often is, simply browse until you locate the file or document, and double click on the image. It will appear in the frame, with new options. Would you like to fit the photo in the frame? If so, click that option. Or would you like to adjust the frame to fit the photo? That's an option too.

One size doesn't fit all, but you can make it fit.
Fasten your seatbelt for my personal favorite feature. Simply take your mouse and slide the sizer bar up and down until the image fills the frame, or is a bit larger. Then click and drag the photo until it fills the box and includes your featured part of the picture. This might be the best part of the front of the house, for example. Click done, and the photo is automatically trimmed to fit. No pulling on corners of boxes, seeing parts of the documents disappear, etc.

Now, to complete your flier, add the descriptive text about the house, the price, the location, and print. If you prefer to email the document to a waiting buyer or corporate transferee, save the document as an ACROBAT file and you'll reduce file size, lock the layout, and be able to upload the document faster than ever when you send it. Design, printing, and emailing flyers and PR tools is easier than ever before with the Real Estate Marketing Assistant.

If you are a new user, you'll love the intuitive easy features of this software. All templates are made to run in MSWORD (required). If you've already used WORD to create documents you'll understand the templates as you would any WORD document, plus you'll enjoy new easier functionality.

Don't forget that you have a catalog of 400 designs and 600 looks to create original looking documents in minutes. On the screen, at all times are the directions to show how to do what you want to do, if you need help.

Create a "silent sales tool" to tell your story.
Let's say you've been meaning to get a new personal brochure. It's here, in the Real Estate Marketing Assistant. Just add your text and images and the colorful design templates will give your brochure a polished look in minutes. Don't worry about how many to print. Print just a dozen, or fifty, whatever you need right now. As your needs change, as your focus changes, or as you win more awards for additional sales, change the copy, and print totally up to date documents.

Mail yourself a raise with postcards.
Success mail puts dollars in your pocket. That's the name I give to postcards that tout your activity in the area. Included are: just listed, just sold, new price, new neighbors, and open house postcards. You'll find them all inside this software program. If you're not sending postcards to the neighbors around your current listing, you better. Why wouldn't you? The best signs of your professionalism may be the "for sale" sign in front of the neighbors' property. Take a photo, insert it in the postcard template entitled "JUST LISTED" and your personalization will automatically be applied. In less than three minutes, you'll be ready to print the postcards. Use postcard paper available at your office supply store or use a web printing service for a professional look. Try sending fifty postcards around each listing, and see the reaction from neighbors, and your seller.

If a listing is a good thing, then a SOLD listing is even better.
If during the marketing process, there is a price adjustment, open the same postcard, if you wish, and change the text to NEW PRICE! Ready, set, print. And when the property sells, print a quantity of JUST SOLD postcards and send them to as many neighbors as you'd like to influence. If you'd like a completely new look, just change your style set and select a different layout.

New features added make this more than personal promotion software. It's a marketing assistant.
You'll save time and energy in preparing mailings. Now there are new added features that add the ability to download your database and actually address postcards as they are printed. And a new demand feature is a CMA which aggregates information and calculates a projected sales price based on the comparables. Whether you import the CMA information or type selected information on listings into the program, that information will be ready for insertion in other documents, without retyping.

It's like having a personal marketing assistant to design, print, and mail your documents.
If you want to have an easy and inexpensive way to publish your own flyers, brochures, postcards, envelopes, business cards, newsletters, fax forms and more, then you want to get the Real Estate Marketing Assistant.

"Anything works, nothing doesn't!"
I believe that any personal promotion is better than no personal promotion. So you've got to do something. However, with the help of the Real Estate Marketing Assistant, you have a powerful alternative. You can do the right thing. Make your personal promotion more complete, more personal, and easier than ever with this program.

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